NFPA Certified

NFPA Purged and Pressurized Certification

Manta Robotics ROV’s are NFPA Certified to operate in volatile atmospheres and liquids; using a patent protected, purge and pressurized system, which allows our ROV’s to operate in AST’s, while the tank is in service. Manta Robotics has the only purged and pressurized certified above ground storage tank inspection system in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

Our floor crawler robot is certified by Intertek Testing Services for use in Class I Division 1 Group D environments (petroleum products).

The robot uses the “Purged and Pressurized” method for preventing ignition of product. This is one method allowed by the National Electric Code (NEC) for putting electrical equipment in explosive environments. This is not the only method. Here is a list of methods allowed by the NEC:

1. Intrinsically Safe: no sparks and less power than in a couple of watch batteries.

2. Explosion Proof: which means an explosion can occur inside the equipment and not escape out into the surroundings.

3. Purged and Pressurized: where the equipment is purged with an inert gas, and pressurized above the outside pressure. No oxygen, no ignition.

Like stated above we use the “Purged and Pressurized” method. This is really the way to go with robots of this class. All the electronics are safely enclosed inside the housing, bathed with Nitrogen gas. The “Explosion Proof” and “Intrinsically Safe” methods are not technically feasible for an inspection robot of this class. The “Explosion Proof” method would be too bulky and heavy to operate or even fit into the manhole entrance to the product tank. The “Intrinsically Safe” method would not allow for enough energy to power a light or operate a camera, much less drive a 150 lbs. robot around the floor of the tank.

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IEC and IECEx Certifications

Our quality management system (QMS) is certified as well.  As part of the IEC and IECEx certifications our QMS is audited to ISO 9001:2008 conformity.